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Registration rule for TienGiang-Etrade members

  • You must be a legal representative for the business wishing to register as a member of TienGiang-Etrade.
  • You have been deeply aware of Regulation of TienGiang-Etrade and agreed with the obligations of businesses stipulated in this Regulation.
  • You accept to have information on your business displayed as shown in the next step of registration.
  • You must pledge not to use TienGiang-Etrade to launch the information contrary to the laws and Vietnam ’s habits and customs.
  • When TienGiang-Etrade or any unit authorised by TienGiang-Etrade asks you to provide with further information, you will actively cooperate with them.
  • TienGiang-Etrade may not accept the business for whom you represents to be a member if you do not provide sufficient information or TienGiang-Etrade supposes that the business is incapable to become a member.
  • Please send email to if you need any assistances related to the registration to become a member.
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